Cohere Community Conversations



Tue, Mar 28th, 2023


12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


Are you constantly feeling the creative tension of moving ideas into action? Perhaps you’re seeking a group of skilled collaborators, all with an intrepid mission of conscious learning, sustainable growth and transformation for a flourishing future.

Cohere focusses on 4 key areas:

Building a vibrant network: members are not just ‘connections’, they are your community of supports who are invested in each other’s success and well-being.

Sharing wisdom: every gathering is filled with gifts of learning, challenge, growth and gratitude.

Getting and giving support: present your issues to find clarity and get unstuck with the guidance of mentors, coaches and experts.

Amplifying ideations: pitch your impactful ideas for feedback, guidance, and possible collaboration.

Who’s this for? Cohere will resonate for you if:

* You love to meet new new people who are living creatively and authentically in an entrepreneurial path
* You are a self-disciplined learner always adding new tools to your toolbelt
* You align your goals with actions that build your discipline and habits
* You seek out community spaces that provide inclusive social environments to build relationships
* You favour diversity of thinking and learn from a variety of sources that stimulate learning and creativity
* Your business/organizational activities are expressed through purpose, vision and mission

About the Organizer Okanagan coLab

coLab is reimagining how community lives, works, and plays. A community built around five core values: Community, Collaboration, Creativity, Purposefulness, and Celebration.

By becoming a coLab Community Member, you’re joining a network of leaders, innovators, and collaborators. Take part in a thriving, local community dedicated to bringing out the best in one another.

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Okanagan coLab

201 – 1405 St Paul St, Kelowna, V1Y 2E4



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Ph: (778) 821-1932
Email: hello@okcolab.com

Okanagan coLab