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Taste of Home



Mon, Feb 8th, 2021 to Fri, Mar 5th, 2021


12:00 pm to 00:00:01


A Taste of Home is going ONLINE for 2021. Taste of Home invites folks to submit one recipe and food story for our month-long online Taste of Home celebration this year.

Global Citizen Events is here to Entertain, Educate and Inspire to Action!

Taste of Home is a part of Global Citizen Events’ annual initiative to promote the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Global leaders convened to create the 17 Goals, which incorporate 169 targets to achieve by 2030.

Recipes and food stories will be published and highlighted across Global Citizen platforms, Performances of local ethnic dancers are available online for you to enjoy beginning Feb 8th. That's the cultural entertainment - the ethnic food is provided by you from recipes submitted by locals! Or you can 'cheat' and order in from a local ethnic restaurant!

A Taste of Home 2021 will invite the community to join in on making the recipes and exploring the many ways food brings people, cultures, and communities together. To share food, to share moments eating with people - this is us at our most human. Former Government General Adrienne Clarkson loves to share food recipes because they tell the most about a person and recipes are especially important in Canada because “Canada is a country where everyone has come from somewhere else." Taste of Home 2021 shares the unique and wonderful richness of the diverse ‘tastes’ which are part of building a strong community together!

Several recipes will be posted every week after February 8. Selected submissions will receive a $25 gift card to purchase ingredients to make the recipe and will be included in the A Taste of Home Cookbook: Recipes from Around the World from People Who Now Call the Okanagan home.

To participate please visit Submit your recipe and food story online NOW. #GlobalCitizenEvents2021 #Taste of Home2021


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