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Water Travels a Cycle

In his combination of linear forms and vibrant colours, David Wilson creates circular compositions that draw from the symbols and stories of his Okanagan First Nations heritage. Exploring traditional narratives and using pictographs based on those found on sites in the Okanagan region, he reinterprets the stories of his people. In this series, the story of water’s social life—from the rain of the clouds, through snowy peaks of mountains, to Spotted Lake where it evaporates—is told in images.

Slipstream: Jenn E. Norton

In an otherwise empty gallery space, this immersive video installation includes six reflective panels positioned in an inward-facing ring which create channels of infinite regress.

Peter and Wendy

In this lyrical, atmospheric interpretation of Peter Pan, Jeremy Bloom strips the familiar story down to its emotional essence. Peter lures Wendy away from her nursery to the magical world of Neverland, where she joins his adventures with Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, and the menacing Captain Hook. Peter and Wendy will mesmerize audiences of all ages!

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Reiki Level 1 with Ananda Cait Kelowna

Reiki Level 1 Attunement and Certification 2020! 2 half days!

El Jones Writing Workshop

El Jones will lead participants in a free writing workshop that will develop beginner, intermediate, and core skills in writing for page and stage. All skill levels, members of the public, and students welcome!

From Geisha to Diva: The Kimono of Ichimaru

The word geisha is made up of two characters, gei means ‘art’ or ‘accomplished’ and sha means ‘person.’ Therefore it can be translated as ‘accomplished person’ or ‘person who lives by the arts.’

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