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Chill Yoga, Sound Bath, Wine Tasting & Chocolate Pairing



Sat, Nov 23rd, 2019


3:30 pm to 5:00 pm


Upon your arrival to the winery, we will head upstairs to the newly renovated area, that has the most amazing view of the vineyard, lake and Kelowna. Join Aleena McKinnon, Alisa Farr, and Cameron Hayward for a 75-minute journey of Chill Yoga and Sound Bath Therapy.

Sound baths are all the rage in wellness right now, and for good reason. The combination of whale-like echoes, Tibetan bowls, and melodic hums is enough to send anyone into a total trance of tranquillity. Often times the experience is passive, with participants cozying up on their backs for meditation while being bathed in vibrations. Sound bath sessions are reportedly good for easing chronic pain and decreasing stress and anxiety. The end results depend on the person—and the bath. Some report feeling energized and balanced, while others are ready for their afternoon siesta.

Chill yoga and sound baths are celebrated for their ability to calm the mind and body. They also come with little movement, as it’s more of a focus on the internal than the external, making it a solid selection for an epic shower of sound. From quartz crystal bowls to a gong, to chimes—different instruments can be played for the duration of certain poses to help the yogi to connect more with the pose.

Sound healing is for the mind, body, and soul. It offers relaxation and deep healing of the nervous system. The power of sound is such that it can alter brainwaves from beta to alpha (relaxation), theta (meditative state) and even delta waves (sleep) and provides relaxation and healing of the nervous system.

Cameron and Alisa are a conscious couple with a shared passion for Sound Healing. They come together to offer a unique, intuitive and healing journey through the use of Alchemy Crystal Bowls. Both trained in modalities that support mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, they also offer a deep sense of safety and peace in their spaces.

All levels welcome.

We recommend bringing your yoga mat. If you need a mat please email Aleena at

Ticket price: $45.00

For tickets email transfer Aleena at

Please include your email, the event date and the full names of the people coming. Upon your arrival at the event you just tell them your name at the door.

Cheers & Namaste


The Vibrant Vine

3240 Pooley Rd , Kelowna, V1W 4G7



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778-478-4153 ext 3

The Vibrant Vine