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Chickadee & Manufactured Grass at Milkcrate Records!



Sat, Oct 20th, 2018


7:00 pm


This is the launch of their 'Goodmorning Tour' this fall! In case you haven't heard.... stylistically speaking her songs take influence from 60's/70's folky, psychedelic rock.

Painted with undertones of jazzy-ness and bluesy-ness and over-tones of ambient sounds. It's bound to get you feeling, thinking, floating away and even at times swaying along. She has been extremely blessed to have such an amazing group of talented musicians supporting her as her 'Manufactured Grass'.... Clayton Mallette dialed in on the drums, Jason Thomas rockin' it on the bass & Jam Chato tying it all together with his intuitive guitar playing. This will be an intimate show where you will get to hear all of their music and some of the stories behind them!

Check out her album 'Goodmorning' Here--->

Check her site for other fall tour dates here--->


Milkcrate Records

527 Lawrence Ave., Kelowna



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