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Musical Comedy Night



Sat, Nov 18th, 2017


7:00 pm to 8:30 pm


Fresh off the success of Musical Jokes, a night of musical comedy at Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver, Sam Tonning and Harris Anderson present a Musical Comedy Night at Dakoda’s! Joining Sam and Harris is the supremely disgusting and talented Reggie Reynolds and some of the finest comics Kelowna has to offer.

It’s a night not to be missed!

Your host is Sam Tonning! Sam is a silly man. He has silly thoughts and says silly things. These things have been known to make people a) laugh and feel uncomfortable, b) laugh and feel scared, c) laugh only, or d) be upset. He loves long walks on the beach and Phil Collins, and for some reason his high school gym teacher and Whitesnake.He co-produces the Comedy Shocker, is the sidekick on The Brett Martin Show and is a regular at Yuk Yuks in Vancouver.

Reggie Reynolds is a powerhouse comedian, hitting hard, and breaking all the rules. Watching him live is like being hit by an acid rain tidal wave, then thrown into an unpredictable tornado of insanity, madness and hilarity on fire. It's dangerous, scary, and funny as hell. Making only rare appearances, you would be an idiot to miss out on this. Burp! He is going to perform his hits!

With a high energy style that combines mimicry, characterization, and vocal acrobatics, Harris Anderson has been called one of Vancouver's most exciting young comics to watch. In the past year he has become a regular at Yuk Yuk's and was included in the Comedy Mix's Young Guns showcase. He plays his silly songs on the stage and PEOPLE FRICKEN LOVE IT!


Dakoda's Comedy Lounge

1574 Harvey Ave, Kelowna



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