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Ancient Engines W/death By Misadventure



Sat, Oct 14th, 2017


9:00 pm


Ancient Engines is a heavy-footed, experimental, alt-rock indie project that was brought together through the seemingly mutual necessity to create and perform live music.

Blending a variety of styles and genres, Ancient Engines has succeeded in carving out their own unique soun, and continues to develop and expand into a vision that still remains unclear. With all regard tossed out the window, they continue to win over listeners with their powerful live presence and captivating origianl material. If ever given the opportunity, get out an see these boys live and experience it for yourself, they would probably appretiate it very much.

Ancient Engines Parts Include:

Matt Sandy Jr. - Guitar/Vocals
Jamie Lee Fairbanks - Drums/Responsible
Torrey Woody - Bass/Vocals

Death By Misadventure.
Sauce for your potluck dinner with the Manson family

Vocals - satan
Guitar - satan
Other guitar - satan
Bass - satan
Drums - satan
Sacrificial rituals - satan


Fernando's Pub

279 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna


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