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Women's Mountain Bike Skill Development--perfect Practise



Mon, Jul 17th, 2017


6:00 pm to 7:30 pm


Love to be on your bike but struggling to feel confident on the beautiful trails of the Okanagan? We've got the answer. Coach Liz sage founder of Chicks in the Sticks is a PBMI Level 1 certified mtb coach. With a decade of experience on trail she will help make your mtb rides safe, confident & fun!

6 Weeks - Maximum 5 riders - for optimal learning

Kids Ages 10-15
July 17.24. August 7.14.28 Sept 11

The goal of this program is to learn new skills and build on current skills while avoiding injury, having fun and leave you wanting more experiences on the saddle!

This is a beginner program. You know how to ride a bike, have a competent bike and basic fitness
Week 1-
Skill: Position and Balance
Session Goal: To maintain an equilibrium between stability and balance; stable enough for a controlled, balanced ride, while relaxed and mobile enough to adapt to the terrain and/or manipulate your bike.
Week 2
Skill: Operation of Controls
Session Goal: GEARS: To achieve efficiency by maintaining a consistent cadence, regardless of speed, terrain or physical strength.
BRAKING SKILL GOAL: To control speed (including slowing down, stopping and not speeding up) without skidding.
Week 3
Skill: Terrain Awareness
Session Goal: To achieve flow and efficiency through a better awareness of upcoming terrain and the choices available. Let us help you pick that best line.
Week 4
Skill:Direction Control
Session Goal: To control the direction of the bike either by maintaining direction, changing direction slightly, or changing direction significantly such as cornering.
Week 5
Skill: Pressure Control
Session Goal: To ride more smoothly, increase traction and/or speed by controlling, creating or releasing pressures from the bike.
Week 6
Skill: Timing & Coordination
Session Goal: To perform and combine all the other skills as required, to achieve consistent, fluid, efficient riding.


various mtn bike trails

kelowna trail, Kelowna, V1Y6T1


$139 - 6 sessions

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