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Voice Acting Workshop with Brian Drummond and Lee Tockar



Sun, Mar 26th, 2017


10:00 am


Lee Tockar & Brian Drummond are two of North America’s top Animation Voice performers.

Both are born and raised BC interior boys, Lee (Kelowna) & Brian (Salmon Arm), and they are coming back to town with KFX!!

Both Brian & Lee have been working professionally in Vancouver (one of the largest & busiest animation centres in the world), for the past 25+ years.
They’ve voiced 100’s of iconic characters in 1000’s of episodes of animation over those years, and are still going strong.
They are multi-nominated, award winning Voice Actors (Canadian Screen, Daytime Emmy & Leo Awards),
and are even the most recent winners of the Union of BC Performer Awards 'Best Voice’ 2015 (Brian) & 2016 (Lee) .

Lee & Brian have voiced literally every type of character you can imagine, from Marvel characters like Wolverine, Iron Man, Venom,
My Little Pony’s, Snips, Steven Magnet, Mr. Cake & Filthy Rich to name a few. They’ve voiced characters on some of Anime’s greatest series like Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta & Frieza, DeathNote,
Black Lagoon, Gundam Wing & Gundam Seed. They can be seen now on NETFLIX favourites like Dinotrux, Kong:King of Apes, Pacman & the Ghostly Adventures, and on Saturday morning T.V.’s
Nerds & Monsters, Ninjago, Slugterra, The Deep, Kate & Mim Mim,The Littlest Pet Shop, Johnny Test, and many more.
The list goes on & on, because these guys love what they do!
A more detailed list can be found searching Lee & Brian on IMDB, and Behind The Voice Actors.

Brian & Lee have taught, trained & coached in the past, but never together.
This will be a once in a lifetime Intensive with BOTH of these animation titans!
Learn about Finding your Voices, Character Development, Audition Techniques, Making Bold Choices,
Understanding Vocal Dynamics, Taking Direction, Getting the Gig in Vancouver, and of course Always Having Fun…and Tons of It !!!

This is an Intensive for any Actor just jumping into the business, or an Actor looking to take that next step.

Come play with us. You’ll never forget it!!


New Vintage Theatre

421 Cawston Ave, Kelowna



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